Bugfood E (Ephe eggs/Orius-Dicy Food) PFP070401-005 10g vial

SKU #: 2600074

Bugfood is a supplementary feed designed to maximise the strength of your preventative control programs.

Key Features
>> Top quality insect feed from the World Number 1 supplier for Ephestia eggs
>> Proven to increase numbers of predatory insects on the crop
>> Can be applied directly to leaves or in Universal Release Boxes
>> Bugfood E can be combined with a wide range of predatory insects including:
   >> Macroline
   >> Hesperusline
   >> Oriline
Main uses
Should be used in combination with predatory insects to strengthen preventative control programs against a range of target pests, including:
>> Whitefly
>> Thrips
>> Caterpillars

How It Works
>> Many predatory insects offer fantastic preventative control of a wide range of pests but they can struggle to become established on clean crops. Bugfood E is made of sterilised eggs of Ephestia kuehniella, it provides a top quality food source for predatory insects and ensures they establish strong populations to control the arrival of invading pests. Bugfood E is particularly critical for establishment of Macroline (containing the predatory insect Macrolophus). This product is critical for whitefly control, particularly on tomatoes, but it is slow to reproduce and establish. Therefore it must be released early in the crop cycle, long before the peak in pest pressure. Providing Bugfood E alongside Macroline has been proven to ensure much stronger establishment of the predators and give greater security of pest control.

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