Yellow Glue Roll 15cm x 100m

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Yellow Glue Roll
The timely detection of pests in a crop is of great importance, because the sooner a pest is detected, the sooner you can start controlling the pest. By monitoring the development on the signal rollers, you can see whether the chosen control strategy is the right one, or whether it needs to be adjusted. The yellow glue rolls have a great appeal mainly on white flies, but also aphids, leaf miners, trips and fungus gnats. These insects are proven to be very attracted to the yellow glue rolls, which will help with signalling and controlling pest pressure in horticulture.

The signal rolls are made of high-density polyethylene and have a very long life span. The signal rolls are provided with a strong adhesive layer on both sides. The quality of the wet glue is such that after spraying and/or sprinkling it will still stick. The goal is to capture as many insects as possible at all times. Research has proven that signal rolls are able to hang the entire cultivation season. The quality of the roll is superior, so the functionality remains optimal.

Product characteristics

  • Rolls are able to hang the entire season, without loss of functionality 
  • Rolls can be customized (for minimum order quantity)
  • The rolls are resistant to UV light and water

User instructions
For the correct way to roll out and confirm (for both blue and yellow signal rolls), the use of ribbon brackets can be chosen. The ribbon braces contribute to a proper suspension, a good positioning relative to the crop and are suitable for re-use.

The yellow indicator rolls are available in the (standard) sizes:

  • Yellow Glue Roll [Thin] 100m x 15 cm.
  • Yellow Glue Roll [Thin] 100m x 30 cm.

Do you want personal advise on which roll is the best for your situation? Contact your local sales representative to give you the personal advice you need.

Receipt and storage
Upon receipt, check the product for abnormalities and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. Store sticky trap rolls dry and cool (preferably between 10 and 15 degrees). When the product is stored under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for any loss of quality.

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