Yellow Sticky Roller Trap (Brinkman) 15 cm x 125 m

SKU #: 2600105

Rolls are made of high-density polyethylene and have a long life span. The sticky trap rolls come with a strong adhesive layer on both sides. The quality of the wet glue will stand up to spraying and watering.

The rolls work best for white flies, aphids, leaf miners, trips, and fungus gnats, because the insects are attracted to the yellow glue rolls. The timely detection of pests in a crop is crucial. The earlier the detection, the more control over the pests. Monitoring the development on sticky rollers allows you to see if you're control strategy is right, or whether it needs to be adjusted. Sticky traps are caplable of hanging for the entire cultivation season.

>> Rolls can hang for the entire season without loss of functionality 
>> Rolls can be customized (for minimum order quantity)
>> The rolls are resistant to UV light and water

How to store
Store sticky trap rolls in a dry and cool place (optimally between 10 and 15 degrees). When stored under different conditions, quality of product can be less effective. 

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