Sticky Trap - Yellow 40 cm x 25 cm -50 pack

SKU #: 2600104

Our sticky traps feature a user-friendly adhesive on both sides, designed with a powerful glue that effectively captures pests while it doesn’t stick on fingers. The adhesive layers are shielded by easily removable paper, marked with squares for simplified counting. Each package includes 50 sticky traps, each measuring 40cm x 25cm. 

Characteristics of sticky traps  

✔️ Optimized pest capture: Scientifically tailored color matrix maximizes pest capture while minimizing the attractiveness of beneficial insects. 
✔️ Strong sticky layer: The sticky traps have a tough layer of glue that holds pests securely in place. 
✔️ Quick pest monitoring: Ideal for quick and easy pest monitoring in a variety of environments. 

How to use yellow sticky traps in your greenhouse 

Yellow traps have increased attraction to various pests, including aphids, leafminers, whiteflies, fungus gnats and thrips. These traps feature perforated holes for easy hanging, and have double effectiveness with adhesive on both sides. The use of wet glue ensures long-term efficacy and provides a reliable pest control solution. 


Packaged details sticky traps 

> Each package contains 50 sticky traps measuring 40cm x 25cm. 
> The two outside plates of each trap contain glue on one side. 
> Signal plates are perforated for convenient hanging on a magnet sticky trap holder. 
> Binders are included in every 40cm x 25cm package for easy attachment. 

Storage of yellow sticky traps  

Ensure the sticky traps are stored in a dry environment, preferably at room temperature, to maintain their efficacy over time. 



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