Anderline Gemini PFP020201-008 100 Gemini sach-250 mites/sac

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Anderline biological control agent contains the predatory mite, Amblyseius andersoni. It is a predatory mite that feeds on many types of small arthropod prey and pollen. It is ideal for preventive protection of greenhouse or outdoor ornamentals, vegetables and fruit crops

Key Features
>> Predator of two-spotted spider mite, European red mites, broad mites, cyclamen mites and russet mites.
>> Will also feed on pollen and thrips larvae allowing the population to survive when pest mite populations decrease.
>> Active at a broader temperature range (6-40ºC / 43-104°F) than Phytoseiulus persimilis and Amblyseius californicus.
>> Since it is effective at lower temperatures, Amblyseius andersoni can be introduced much earlier in the growing season than other predatory mites.
Main uses
>> Broad mite
>> Cyclamen mite
>> Two-spotted spider mite
>> Carmine mite
>> Tomato russet/rust mite
>> European red mite

How It Works
>> For best results, release Amblyseius andersoni when pest mite populations are low.
>> The predatory mites will feed on small colonies of pest mites, preventing them from growing in to large populations that can cause major crop damage.
>> Curative applications have also been successful on some crops, such as cucumbers and ornamental plants but Anderline is always best used as a preventative control.

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