Release boxes PFP020101-008 (50)

SKU #: 2600071

Universal Release Boxes (URBs) offer an easy and versatile option for applying a wide range of biological control products.

Key Features
>> Provides a cleaner crop because biocontrol products are not applied directly on the crop.
>> Reduces waste from product rolling off leaves.
>> Strong carboard box designed to withstand life in a commercial crop.
>> Robust hook to reliably hold box in place.
>> Wide opening for easy dosing of product.
Main uses
>> Should be used in combination with other Bioline products to help control a range of pests.

How It Works
>> URBs hang directly on the crop and can be used to hold any biocontrol products which are available as dry-bulk-materials and which would otherwise be applied directly to the crop. By using URBs you can avoid applying products directly to the leaves and therefore prevent residues from the carrier materials. Additionally, URBs will reduce waste caused by product rolling off leaves and onto the floor of the crop.

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