Hypoline (Hypoaspis Miles) PFP020206-001 125,000/ 5L bag

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Hypoline biological control agent contains the soil-dwelling predatory mite, Hypoaspis miles (also known as Stratiolaelaps scimitus). These mites aid in controlling fungus gnat larvae, Shorefly larvae and thrips pupae that drop from the plant into the growing media. Hypoline can be used on all covered crops.

Key Features
>> Attacks fungus gnats, shore flies and thrips larvae in the soil.
>> Tolerates variable soil moisture levels.
>> Exhibits longevity in the growing environment even in the absence of food for up to 70 days.
Main uses
>> Fungus gnats
>> Shoreflies
>> Thrips pupae

How It Works
>> Hypoaspis miles are normally found within the top half inch of soil, growing media or surface debris. Females lay eggs, which hatch after six days at 20°C / 68°F producing larvae that actively feed for 10 days and continue to feed as adults. Adult mites live for several months when food is readily available, feeding on a wide range of soil/growing media pests.
>> Hypoaspis miles are mobile and readily find nutrition and water required for development. They are able to tolerate periods when soil moisture levels are low.
>> They prey on fungus gnat larvae and consume thrips larvae and pupae that drop to the growing media, making Hypoline a useful addition to other Thrips biological control agents.

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