Ful-Power (Fulvic Acid) - 9.46 L

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Technical Info



Ful-Power® is a fast-acting, fulvic acids isolate that can improve nutrient uptake BioAg’s Ful-Power is produced using a proprietary biological process without the use of harsh chemistry. The result is a clean and compatible product which will not affect pH and EC. Ful-Power is also OMRI listed. All crops should be using Ful-Power as fulvic acids are often a missing ingredient in crop production systems. Ful-Power can be used throughout the entire crop lifecycle. WORKS WITH ALL FERTILIZERS AND FOLIAR SPRAYS*!

>> Can improve nutrient uptake

>> Will not affect pH or increase EC

>> Works with all fertilizers and foliar sprays*

>> Will not clog drippers or sprayers!

>> Can be used in all greenhouse and nursery crop systems including aquaponics.

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