BotaniGard 22WP - 500 g

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BotaniGard by Certis is a biological insecticide based on the fungus Beauvaria bassiana GHA.

Technical Info

BotaniGard is a plant protection product of natural origin (GNO) and allowed within organic cultivation (EKO). The fungus Beauveria bassiana belongs to the deuteromycetes, a common pathogen of many insects. BotaniGard is perfectly suitable to be used in both a chemical control system and in integrated control schemes.

Working method BotaniGard 

After spraying, the spores germinate on insects that come into contact with the liquid.
The germ tube bores into the insect, where the fungus develops further. Infected insects usually die after 5 to 7 days. High humidity (min. 60%) is important for proper functioning.
In addition, temperature is important.
The minimum temperature for a good germination of the spores is 15ºC, with an optimum at about 25ºC.

BotaniGard Benefits

>> Effective against larvae of whitefly, bugs and lettuce rootworm
>> Effective against larvae, adults, pupae of thrips.  
>> For almost all crops under glass
>> Safe for natural enemies
>> Fits perfectly in integrated and chemical control
>> No risk of resistance
>> Easy and long shelf life (can be kept for 1 year outside the fridge)
>> No environmental impact
>> No safety period

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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