20-20-20 ProGro - 15 kg

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Our ProGro Water Soluble fertilizer blends are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. 

Technical Info

ProGro Fertilizer Canada

ProGro is an extremely water soluble fertilizer which meet the exact demands of professional growers in horticulture across Canada. ProGro fertilizer integrates easily into various commercial crop systems, from fruits and vegetables to ornamentals and beyond. Its adaptability ensures comprehensive nutrition across a spectrum of horticultural practices. By optimizing nutrient uptake and minimizing environmental impact, it aligns with modern horticulture methods.


Benefits of ProGro fertilizer

Extremely water soluble; no settling out or imbalance of available nutrients.
Micros included for complete plant nutrition.
 No residues; no settling in tanks or irrigation lines.
 Chelated micros for best delivery of nutrients over a range of pH’s.
 15 kg bags; heavy-gauge strong plastic to keep content free of moisture.



For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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