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Water-soluble fertilizers for greenhouse applications

Water-soluble fertilizers readily dissolve in irrigation water, allowing direct application to plants through fertigation. All Royal Brinkman’s water soluble fertilizer are efficiently absorbed by plants and are always of greenhouse grade quality. These soluble fertilizer are based on the three primary plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They deliver accurately balanced nutrient levels throughout the entire growth cycle. On top of that, the amount of salt and sodium is reduced by applying water soluble fertilizers.

Another benefit is the precise application of trace elements. These micronutrients, present in minimum quantities within our water-soluble fertilizers, play a vital role bridging the gap between macro nutrients and crop growth.


Diverse range water-soluble fertilizers

Royal Brinkman Canada  offers an extensive selection of water-soluble fertilizers tailored to meet the high demand crops in greenhouse applications. Our assortment includes straight water soluble fertilizers as well as NPK fertilizers. All are fertilizers have been carefully selected to enhance efficiency of fertilization programs, thereby maximizing plant growth and crop yield. With worldwide fertilizer distribution at competitive prices, Royal Brinkman Canada provides both locally available fertilizers and premium customer support. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries – our specialists are ready to help you.

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