Mycostop- 100 gm

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Technical Info

Mycostop biofungicide contains naturally occurring soil bacteria. The effect of Mycostop biofungicide comes from several factors. The microbe deprives pathogen fungi of living space and nourishment by colonizing plant roots in advance of fungi. In addition the microbe secretes various enzymes and metabolites which inhibit pathogen growth. Mycostop biofungicide has been shown to promote the growth and yield of plants even in healthy crops.

Mycostop biofungicide is used for the suppression of damping-off, root and crown rot, and wilt caused by Fusarium on greenhouse ornamentals and vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and pepper; damping-off and root and crown rot caused by Pythium on greenhouse ornamentals and cucumber, as well as root and stem rot and wilt caused by Phytophthora on greenhouse ornamentals, tomato and pepper. Mycostop biofungicide is a wettable powder, packed in small-dose airtight packets. It is easy to apply as a water suspension by spraying or drenching the surface of growing media or by using drip irrigation.


  • ✅ Mycostop biofungicide is compatible with IPM programs.
  • ✅ biofungicide is also suitable for seed treatment.

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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