Actinovate AG - 510 g

SKU #: 5000352

Fungicide for commercial use.

Technical Info

For the suppression of: Botrytis fruit rot (Botrytis cinerea) and powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis) on field and greenhouse strawberry, powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum) on field and greenhouse Gerber Daisy, powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica) on field and greenhouse pepper, powdery mildew (Podosphaera xanthii) on field and greenhouse cucurbit vegetables (Crop Group 9), powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica, Oidium lycopersicum) on field and greenhouse tomato, powdery mildew on grape (Uncinula necator(Erysiphe)), powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis) and Botrytis cinerea on cannabis (marihuana) produced commercially indoors, seed rot, pre-emergence damping-off, post-emergence damping-off and root rot caused by Pythium spp. on greenhouse cucumbers, greenhouse lettuce and greenhouse fruiting vegetables and partial suppression of mummyberry (Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi) on high and lowbush blueberry.

May reduce symptoms of anthracnose fruit rot (Colletotrichum acutatum) on strawberry.

Also offers suppression of the following diseases on the listed greenhouse grown ornamentals: Fusarium wilt on cyclamen, Pythium root rot on petunia, Rhizoctonia root and crown rot on geranium and powdery mildew on verbena. 

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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