ANDERcontrol 125,000 Bag (70006-29) - 5L

SKU #: 2600127

OtherERcontrol in bulk for spider mite control.

ANDERcontrol contains the predatory mite Amblyseius andersoni. This predatory mite plays a important role in controlling pests such as the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae). It also demonstrates efficacy against other spider mite species, including fruit spider mites, citrus mites, and various gall and rust mites. 

Andersoni can also sustain itself on pollen and thrips, allowing it to persist in the crop even in the absence of spider mites by feeding on alternative food sources. Native to Dutch shrubs and trees, A. andersoni is well-adapted to our climate and can survive in various conditions. Active since 6°C, A. andersoni is already at work early in spring when spider mites first emerge, making it an ideal predator for early pest suppression. With its resilience to high temperatures and low humidity, A. andersoni is particularly well-suited for use along greenhouse facades.


  • ✅ Controls various types of mines.
  • ✅ Effective between 6 and 40°C.
  • ✅ Predatory mites can be applied as a preventive measure.
  • ✅ Available in multiple formulations.
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