DIGLYcontrol (71003-5) 500 - (100 ml)

SKU #: 2600137

DIGLYcontrol is available in bottles containing 500 adult parasitic wasps. These parasitic wasps, Diglyphus isaea, are released to combat leaf miners. This black parasitic wasp is naturally found in the Netherlands and often appears spontaneously in greenhouses starting from May.

Diglyphus isaea feeds by extracting the contents of first and second-stage leaf miner larvae. Additionally, it pierces late second and third-stage larvae to incapacitate them before laying eggs nearby. At 20°C (68°F), Diglyphus consumes approximately 70 leaf miner larvae and lays 200 - 300 eggs in its lifetime. This rapid reproduction allows Diglyphus populations to outpace leaf miner populations even at temperatures as low as 15°C (59°F). Diglyphus isaea parasitizes various leaf miner species including the tomato leaf miner, floridamine leaf miner, and grain leaf miner.


  • ✅ Curative use.
  • ✅ It is also available in a mix pack with Dacnusa Sibirica.
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