AquaJet standard version

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The AquaJet cleaning system is designed for washing and disinfecting the interior roof of the greenhouse.  

AquaJet Roof cleaner

The AquaJet Greenhouse cleaner is specifically designed to clean and disinfect the interior glass roof of the greenhouse. It creates a fresh and sanitized environment for the new growing season. The cleaner efficiently and effectively washes the inside of a greenhouse during crop rotation. The stainless steel frame, hydraulic drive, and no electronics susceptible to inference, make it a very user-friendly machine.

Advantages of the Aquajet Roof Cleaner

Large Coverage: It can easily clean 10,000 m2 of greenhouse roofs and facades in an average working day.
Operable by one person: The machine is designed to be operated by a single user, enhancing efficiency.
No cables: No cables ensure a clutter-free cleaning process, while removing the risk of cable-related issues.
Gutter cleaning: An optional module is available for efficient cultivation gutter cleaning, reducing manual labor requirements.

Using the AquaJet Roof Cleaning System

How do you use the AquaJet Greenhouse Cleaner? It's an easy-to-use system. The AquaJet sprays cleaning or disinfectant solutions to the inside of your greenhouse roof while moving along the pipe rail system. It has a high-pressure water spray boom that also allows you to rinse the greenhouse roof. The water hose is connected to a water supply tank. The Aquajet is equipped with a 4-stroke gas engine. It has the option to rinse the glass or apply a glass cleaner first. For cleaning greenhouse facades, a spray gun can be used. Once the walls and roofs are clean, the cultivation gutters can also be cleaned. The machine can be operated by a single user. In an average day, the AquaJet can easily clean 10,0000 m2 of greenhouse roofs and facades. It doesn't require cables, has a hydraulic drive, and can be delivered with a stepless telescopic boom. There are various options available for the cleaner. For optimal resluts, the telescopic boom can be used for close-up washing and disinfection of the greenhouse roof. Additionally, an optional module allows for the cleaning of cultivation gutters. The machine is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and it's easy to adjust the detergent dosage using a flow meter with a scale.

Plug & Play with the AquaJet Greenhouse cleaner

Thanks to the simple plug and play design method, any employee can easily use the AquaJet Greenhouse cleaner. It's an ideal machine for any greenhouse grower.



Track width 425 - 600 mm
Drive Hydraulic
Hose reel Suitable for 150m 1 inch hose
Water pump Unit: Membrane pump 83l/min at 45 bar
Riding speed Steplessly adjustable to 60 m/min
Weight About 650 kg

Cleans about 1 hectare of roof/facades per day

The AquaJet Standard version is equipped with:

18 HP 4-stroke gas engine;
2 rotating nozzle on mast;
Diaphragm pump 90 litres per minute - 50 bar;
Electric nozzle tilt for correct spray angle;
Two piece sliding mast, manual;
Hose and spray gun to clean the facades;
Stainless steel frame.

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