Microflora PRO - 4 L

SKU #: 5000569

Microflora PRO is formulated to amend the soil in food crops and ornamental plants.

Technical Info

Microflora PRO consists of a liquid formulation consortium of natural rhizobacteria. Microflora PRO is formulated to enhance plant growth, by improving the availability of plant nutrients through the root system. Microflora PRO is recommended for production in agriculture, greenhouses, nurseries and hydroponic systems for adult plants, cuttings, seedlings and transplantation.

When to use Microflora PRO?
Microflora PRO works best when applied to your crop early in its life. Bacteria colonize roots as they grow, therefore effects will be more pronounced if it is present as early in the crop’s life as possible.

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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