Menno Hortisept clean PLUS 10 ltr

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Menno Hortisept Clean Plus 10 liter

Menno Hortisept Clean Plus is an alkaline detergent especially developed for cleaning surfaces in agriculture and horticulture.
It removes organic plant juices easy from surfaces like scissor carts, containers, trolleys, crates, etc.
In addition, it leaves no residue and is not corrosive to materials.
There is also a NON- foaming version available for recirculation washers (Menno Hortisept Clean).
For mineral depost we use the acid cleaning detergent Fadex H+

Application areas Menno Hortisept Clean Plus

Menno Hortisept Clean Plus foams strongly if the cleaner is applied through foam equipment (foam applicator, foamgun, foamset, etc.).
Ideal to apply the cleaner as a foam on various surfaces such as: pots, crates, seed trays, plant trays, boxes, scissorcarts, trolleys, containers, pallets, rolling tables, floors, etc.

The crawling property of foam ensures that the cleaning agent reaches all cracks and corners. Foam adheres better to smooth and vertical surfaces and covers the surface the best. Making the cleaning of greenhouse stands, groundcover or rolling tablets much more effective.
Working with foam also makes the application controllable. You can see exactly which surface has already been treated and which not yet.

Instruction manual Menno Hortisept Clean Plus

Depending on the pollution, apply Menno Hortisept Clean Plus in a concentration of 1-3 % (while stirring) with warm water. Treat the surfaces to be cleaned evenly with a foam gun and leave to soak for a short time (some minutes) so the dirt discard from the surface. Then rinse off the surface (high pressure warm) water before the dirt layer dries up and attach back to the surface again.

Tips for use Menno Hortisept Clean Plus

  • Prevent drying up, to avoid dirt attaches back to the surface.
  • Always carry out a trial treatment first to test product compatibility.
  • Avoid direct plant contact due to damage

Packaging Menno Hortisept Clean Plus

Menno Hortisept Clean Plus comes in 10 liter cans.


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