Brochure 'Shading agents and diffuse coatings'

Everything you need to know to prevent stress and burning of your crop from irradiation or high temperatures.

High temperatures combined with full sun: many crops cannot withstand it. A shading agent, diffuse coating or a combination protects your crop against burning and stress. In this brochure you will find all the information you need to determine which product is most suitable for your crop and how to apply it.

What to expect...

Warm springs and summers cause peaks in the greenhouse climate. Possible consequences are: reduced photosynthesis, delay in plant growth, loss of quality and lower production. You can prevent this with the right shading agent. Doing nothing is not an option for many crops. An excessively high temperature and too much sun reduce photosynthesis, growth and production and it also increases the risk of plant stress. Find out which agent reflects excess sunlight, prevents shading, lowers plant temperature and more. That way you can easily make the right choice.


This you will find in the brochure

  The difference between shading agents and diffuse coatings

  What the 'Haze factor' means in shading agents

  How to combine a shading agent with a diffuse coating

  How to remove shading agents from your greenhouse

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