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Recognize thrips 

Trips is a pest insect that causes great damage in ornamental cultivation. The most common species in greenhouses is the California thrips and the Tobacco strips. Royal Brinkman Canada offers a wide range of products to control thrips in different crops. 


Thrips damage 

Thrips are yellow to dark brown in color. Thrips are primarily flower visitors, but also appear on leaves. Eggs are deposited on the leaf, sepals or petals. The insects are highly mobile and can therefore spread quickly through the crop. The larvae of the thrips puncture cells on the leaf surface of the plant. The general appearance that results after many punctures on the leaf is a haze of silver-gray spots with black dots in them. In severe cases, it can even cause desiccation. The most common and harmful thrips in horticulture are western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) and onion thrips (Thrips tabaci). 


Thrips treatment  

Thrips can be treated by covering the vents with insect netting. To detect and monitor the thrips, you can hang detection rollers or traps. Checking them weekly will help you determine if thrips or other insects are increasing. 


Thrips control Canada  

Thrips is a recurring challenge in ornamental production. Traditional chemical pesticides encounter problems because of the resistance of many thrips species to the active ingredients. In addition, the withdrawal of a large number of approved pesticides further complicates the situation. An effective and sustainable solution lies in biological control of common thrips. Such as:  

> Botanigard 22 WP: BotaniGard by Certis is a biological insecticide based on the fungus Beauvaria bassiana GHA.  
> BioCeres G WP : is a biological mycoinsecticide. BioCeres is available in wet powder. 


Buy thrip control products in Canada 

Would you like to buy thrips control products for professional horticulture in Canada? Our specialists will be happy to advise you and give your more information about their use.

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